Royalty Free Stock Agriculture Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Retro Woodcut Organic Male Farmer with with Leafy Green and Root Vegetables
  2. Black and White Male Farmer with Wheat and a Scythe in a Sunny Oval
  3. Retro Male Pumpkin Farmer Carrying a Big Gourd
  4. Male Gardener Using a Shovel Inside a Green Oval
  5. Retro Cow Head in a Rope Circle
  6. Retro Wheat, Grapes, Lemons and Apples Oval
  7. Retro Walking Rooster
  8. Farmer with a Pitchfork in a Shield
  9. Male Farmer with a Scythe in a Circle of Rays
  10. Retro Black and White Farm Tractor
  11. Tiller Tractor in an Oval of Orange Rays
  12. Retro Male Farmer Walking with a Scythe over His Shoulder
  13. Male Farmer Driving a Tractor in an Oval of Blue Sun Rays
  14. Retro Tractor Shield
  15. Bull in a Pasture at Sunrise
  16. Walking Brown Longhorn Texas Bull
  17. Cashew Fruit on a Tree Branch
  18. Texas Longhorn Bull from the Rear
  19. Manx Loaghtan Sheep with Horns
  20. Retro White Male Fruit Picker Picking Oranges from a Tree