Royalty Free Stock Agriculture Clipart by Lal Perera

  1. Colorful Alpha Rooster in Profile, Looking Left
  2. Bunch of Purple Hanging Grapes with Two Leaves on Top
  3. Ear of Corn with Green Foliage
  4. Pumpkin and Vine
  5. Sheaves of Wheat
  6. Lineart Goat
  7. Brown Running Lamb
  8. Horse
  9. Black and White Strong Horse
  10. Black and White Standing Mongoose
  11. Happy Tan Lamb
  12. Standing Mongoose Looking Back
  13. Lineart Happy Lamb
  14. Happy Beige Sheep
  15. Thinking Mouse
  16. Happy Sheep Lineart
  17. Curious Brown Rabbit
  18. Wheat Plant
  19. Lineart Strand of Wheat
  20. Corn with Green Foliage over Blue
  21. Lush Apple Tree with Red Fruits